Shatta Wale Renders Official Apology To Ghanaians Over His Comments About #FixTheCountry Campaign

Self acclaimed dance hall king Shatta Wale has rendered an apology to Ghanaians over his comments about their #FixTheCountry campaign.

In a series of posts on social media, Shatta Wale described those calling for the country to be fixed as educated fools and cheap thinkers.

As a result, a bunch of Ghanaians especially the critical thinking ones blasted Shatta Wale for acting unconcerned while the majority suffer in the country.

He even lost some social media followers in the process.

But on a sober reflection, Shatta Wale has done the needful as he has apologized completely perhaps for labeling the #FixTheCountry group as disappointed graduates.

Taken to Facebook, he wrote:

Shatta Wale finally apologizes

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