“Show Them More Pepper” – Bukom Banku Advises Akuffo Addo On Ghanaians (Video)

Amidst the economic hardship and general agitation amongst Ghanaians towards Government, Bukom Banku has advised the president of the Republic, Akuffo Addo to not listen to the cries of his subjects and to ‘show them more pepper’

Bukom Banku in a video said the president should teach Ghanaians extra bitter lessons.

He was drinking a soda drink and a doughnut while laughing.

Issues of having the country fixed has taken over the court in recent week.

Ghana’s majority opposition, NDC yesterday 6th July 2021 demonstrated over what they described as injustice and insecurity in Ghana.

While people are calling on the President to act and fix the country, others have said Ghanaians should rather fix their attitude.

Obviously Bukom Banku may be sounding sarcastic with his commentary captured below.

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