Emoluments Committee Report – Amount Prez, Vice, Cabinet Ministers And MPs Set To Take Home As Salaries

The Emoluments committee has come out with a report detailing a revised remuneration of the Prez his Vice, Cabinet Ministers and MPs.

Ghanaians are still struggling to come to terms with the amount of money these set of people are taking home and it seems they are set for a pay rise when when there has not been a increment in salaries in the public sector for over 7 years.

The presidential committee report on emoluments for article 71 officeholders in 2020 states that the president be paid a monthly salary of GHC 47,277, Vice President GHC 39,397, Cabinet minister-MP GHC 33,270, and a member of Council of State is paid GHC 26,266.

That is a lot of money considering many Ghanaians work throughout the month and receive less than GHC1000.

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