Manchester United Forward Marcus Rashford Renders Apology To All English Fans For Missed Penalty

Manchester United forward and English team regular Marcus Rashford has been unequivocal with his apology to his countrymen for letting the nation down when it needed him most.

55 years without laying their hands on a trophy, England were confident this was their year as they had arguably the best footballing squad and a UEFA EURO final which was to be played at Wembley. What could possibly go wrong?

But alas it wasn’t to be their night as Rashford and a few others fluffed their lines in a shootout amid mounting pressure.

This attracted a wave of racist abuse towards Marcus Rashford and his England colleagues of colour.

That not withstanding, Marcus Rashford has come out to render an apology to the entire nation of England and that all that he can say is “all I can say is sorry”

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