Moesha Is Fine and In Good Care-Victoria Michaels Assures Ghanaians

Ghanaians were worried after seeing a video of actress and socialite Moesha Boduong looking incredibly dishevelled while preaching the word of God in an uncompleted building.

The unflattering appearance of Moesha in the video has raised questions about her mental health, with many wondering if she is in the right care.

Her close friend Victoria Michaels has finally come out to cool nerves about Moesha’s current state.

Victoria, who reportedly brought Moesha closer to God, disclosed on Instagram that the young actress is very fine and in the care of her family and church.

She also quashed wild claims by Ayisha Modi that Moesha has given all her properties to Pastor Gabriel Ibe following her re-dedication to Christ.

According to her, Moesha gave out her properties to people out of free will — absolutely no one forced her as speculated by Ayisha Modi.

Read her full post below…

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