Prophet Of Doom Prophesize Moesha Buduong To Die By September

It comes as very little surprise to find that a so called prophet has jumped on the bandwagon to take advantage of Moesha Buduong’s predicament to trend.

Not ones has our prophets ever given a prophesy that has come to pass and yet they keep disgracing themselves by releasing more prophecies.

Their prophesies are also never about growth, good health and riches but also about death and affliction, it makes one wonder if God has our good at heart.

Luckily their prophecies never comes to pass.

This of course is coming from loud mouth actress Adu Sarfowaa who apparetly has now become a spiritual interpreter.

Adu Sarfowaa says Moesha is marked for death since she had a s3xual encounter with a businessman who is not human, according to her pastor.

She also adds that if Moesha does not get spiritual deliverance and guidance she would forfeit her life by September

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