Dome Is Not My Level, I Want To Live In East Legon – Odartey Lamptey’s Ex-Wife Files 3rd Appeal To Own His 7 Bedroom East Legon Mansion

A woman can either make or break a man and it seems Odartey Lamptey’s wife is not satisfied with breaking him, she wants to destroy him completely.

This is a woman Odartey Lamptey was married to during his football playing days fathered 3 children with her and looked after them for over 20 years only for a paternity test to proof that non of the 3 children are his.

This brought an abrupt end to their marriage and yet Odartey Lamptey was still forced by the law to give her a 4 bedroom home a Dome and settle her with an amount of GHC200,000

But it his ex wife is was still not satisfied and filed to own his 7 bedroom mansion at East legon.

Her first and second appeal have since been thrown out of court but she’s not relenting as she has filed a third appeal to own his East Legon mansion.

According to her the 4 bedroom Mansion her ex husband gave her and her kids out of the goodness of heart is just not up to her level.

We do feel for Odartey Lamptey and we pray he overcomes this challenge and of course gets to keep his East Legon Mansion

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