These Photos Of Odartey Lamptey And His New Family Show He Has Moved On From Cheating Ex Wife

If you are not familiar with Odartey Lamptey’s story let us give you a brief insight into his past.

A former player who plied his trade in Germany Frankfurt, Odartey Lamptey was once married to a beautiful woman with 3 children or so he thought.

Events occurred and Odartey Lamptey found out non of the 3 children were of his blood as his wife gave out what was his alone to men while he was abroad trying to put food on the table for her and her children.

The tragedy does not end there, a devastated Odartey Lamptey applied for a divorce and was still required by law to settle his cheating wife by way of alimony.

A man of divine kindness, Odartey Lamptey still had love for the children who weren’t his but fathered for over 20 years.

In his bid to make sure they never lack, Odartey Lamptey gave his ex-wife and her children a 4 bedroom apartment in Dome and added a whopping GhC200,000 to make life as cozy for them.

That would still not satisfy the ravenous greed of his wife now ex. This woman in her bid to get Odartey Lamptey on his knees started a legal battle to take possession of his 7 bedroom mansion in East Legon.

Her plea was however thrown out of court but she has since forced the soft spoken Odartey Lamptey from his own home as he now renting.

Odartey Lamptey’s God has however not forsaken him after all these trials and tribulations he has found respite.

He has since remarried to a loveliest woman and blessed with 3 children.

Fight is still ongoing for his East Legon mansion but for now Odartey Lamptey is focused on raising his children to be good humans.

Here are some photos of the man and his adorable family;

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