It Annoys Me When People Say I’m The Richest Man in Ghana – Sam Jonah

Dr. Sam Jonah, a former CEO of AngloGold Ashanti, is widely regarded as one of the richest men in Ghana.

But according to the business mogul, he gets very offended when he is defined by his wealth.

In an interview with Joy News, the 71-year-old Ghanaian icon stated that there is more to life than money and he wants to be judged by his uprightness and humanitarian values.

“In my father’s house, there was an inscription, ‘wɔ bisa wu fie, w’ɔnbisa wo sika’… to wit, you name [the kind of upbringing you get from home] is far more important than your riches. So I take offence when, for instance, I have been defined by what people think I have,” he said.

“When I hear the nonsense that ‘they say he is the richest man in Ghana’, it causes me a lot of grief.”

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