Okyeame Kwame’s Wife Owes Me 3,600 Dollars- Aisha Modi

Aisha Modi has revealed that Annica Nsiah-Appau, wife of rapper Okyeame Kwame is owing her $3,600 but has refused to pay back her money.

Aisha is heard in a trending online audio that Annica begged her way back in 2010 for monies to clear her goods at the port and promised to pay back in three months. But till date, the mother-of-two has not fulfilled her promise.

She said that what shocks her the most is that Annica is now saying the 3,600 dollars was a gift and not a loan.

According to her, she has all the messages and receipts to prove that her accusations against Okyeame Kwame’s wife are nothing but the truth.

Listen to the audio below..

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