Okyeame Kwame And His Wife In The Mud As Ayisha Modi Drops Chat Of Annica Begging Her For Money

Yesterday we reported to you how Ayisha Modi had shamed Annica, wife of Okyeame Kwame for borrowing her $3600 and refusing to pay back, adding she would deal with her if she doesn’t.

Ayisha Modi has made good on her threats as she has now released chat evidence of Annica in her dm begging her for money.

Per the content of this publication, Annica Nsiah-Apau was literary begging Ayisha Modi to give her $3500 to help her finalize some business deal.

Annica noted in her message that she was going to pay Ayisha back when she was leaving Ghana, but apparently, she didn’t pay.

She later claimed that the money was a gift and not meant for her to pay it back. Ayisha Modi, therefore, threatened that she was going to release receipts to validate the allegations she has made against Annica and she has finally done it.

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