I Cannot End Corruption, But I Can Make It Expensive To Engage In – Kissi Agyebeng

Nominee for Special Prosecutor position, Kissi Agyebeng, sat before the vetting committee in parliament this morning to be drilled on his suitability for the post.

A lot of questions were posed to him by the vetting committee, chief amongst these questions were on how Mr. Kissi Agyebeng would tackle the increasing rate of corruption in the country.

According to Mr. Kissi Agyebeng he would not say he will or can stop corruption as that would be naive on his part adding that even the Lord above has not been able achieve such a feat.

He did however add that he can however hope to tackle it and by so doing reduce it if engaging in the act is made expensive such that punishment to those caught in corrupt acts are absolute and rigorously enforced.

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