Say Hello To Medikal For Me – Sam George Opens Old Wounds Of Sister Derby In Exchange Of Words Over LGBTQ Bill

MP and lawmaker, Sam George has been a leading figure in the fight against the LGBTQ society in Ghana.

A Bill has now been put before parliament for the criminalization of LGBTQ and all who associate themselves with such community.

Such strong stance against people with different s3xual orientations has not sat well with Sister Derby who called out Sam ‘Dzata’ George for his role in making the bill stating that he is “full of perversion”, as he is “so obsessed with people’s s3xual orientation’.

Adding that he is a backward thinker.

Sam George, a man known not to go down without a fight utterly butterly the celebrity artiste, attacking the music and dragging out old and dry skeletons of her previous past life.


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