You Make A Living Off Fooling And You Think You Can Evaluate Wisdom – Sam George Tears Kwadwo Sheldon Apart As War Of Words Over LGBTQ Blazes On

Whoever you are, MP and lawmaker Sam George has proven that he will take you to the cleaners if you speak against him in the criminalization of LGBTQ.

After soundly putting Sister Derby in her place, reigning king of savagery, Sam ‘Dzata’ George has given content creator Kwadwo Sheldon a TKO on tweeter for speaking against the lawmakers pioneering the criminalization of LGBTQ.

Kwadwo Sheldon only came out to voice out his displeasure in the whole affair, stating that, “Wo nyansa sua but carry on… I don’t expect much from some of our lawmakers”

Little did he know that his comments would irk the sleeping ‘dzata’ on twitter who has since devoured Kwadwo Sheldon whole leaving no evidence of his previous existence


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