You Have No Right To Preach Morality To Others After You Impregnated Your Wife’s Underage Sister – Panji Anoff Shames Alban Bagbin

The LGBTQ Bill which aims to criminalise the act has been met with contempt from a section of Ghanaians to the point where the speaker of parliament Alban Bagbin marriage and affairs has been dragged into it.

The anti-LGBT bill seeks to jail anyone caught having “unnatural” sex for not less than 5 years and make it a criminal offense to advocate, promote, or fund homos*xuality in any of its forms.

Ghanaian songwriter and film producer Panji Anoff however thinks the Speaker of Parliament is unqualified to act like some moral champion when he in fact impregnated his wife’s 17-year-old sister without remorse.

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