Anti-Gay Law Does Not Reduce The Price Of Kenkey – Kofi Mole Adds His Voice To The LGBTQ Talk

Ghanaian rapper Kofi Mole has weighed in on the conversation surrounding the anti-LGBTQ law put before parliament.

According to the rapper the said Bill if or when passed into law won’t reduce the price of kenkey.

In short he is telling our lawmakers to concentrate their energies into endeavors that would reduce the suffering of their Ghanaian people.

Speaking in an interview on Kastle FM in Cape Coast he stated that he doesn’t embrace the lifestyle of “gayism and lesbianism” as it’s unnatural because it’s something that displeases God.

However, when he was asked about the criminalization of homosexuality practice he answered that it doesn’t solve the economy’s hardship as important things are there that needs to be given attention.

He said, “But as we know, this anti-gay law is not what will make the hike in the price of Kenkey to be reduced”

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