Twitter Deletes Sam George’s Homophobic Tweet

Twitter has deleted a tweet by Ningo Prampram MP, Sam George after it ruled that the tweet violated the platform rules.

The controversial tweet by Sam George read: “I have been overwhelmed by the massive show of support even here on a ‘liberal’ platform like Twitter for our Bill on the LGBTQ+ menace.

“Homosexuality is not a HUMAN RIGHT. It is a sexual preference. Preferences are not absolute or unregulated. We shall pas this Bill through.”

The tweet received divided response from the public with many Ghanaian applauding him for protecting our culture and moral values. Others, including celebrities like Sister Derby attacked him for being homophobic and denying people their basic human rights.

But Twitter, following an investigation into the controversial tweet, has ruled that it violated the platforms and should be removed.

See the homophobic that was deleted by Twitter

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