Activist Are Fighting For Albinos Like You While You Persecute Gays – Lydia Forson Takes Moses Foh Amoaning’s Head In LGBTQ+ Saga

Lydai Forson has replied to Foh Amoaning, a staunch support of the criminalisation of the LGBTQ+ society.

According to the actress, activist like herself are fighting for Albinos like Foh Amoaning to be accepted into society without fear of discrimination while he goes about spreading the same hate people of his kind have suffered for long.

Albinos in Ghana and Africa at large are seen in a different light in this part of the world, which has caused them to suffer a great deal of stigma and in some severe cases persecution.

Lydia Forson is therefore dumbfounded that someone like Foh Amoaning who himself is an Albino who lead the charge for the persecution of a ‘special’ group of people.

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