Sarkodie Endorses Ibrahim Mahama’s “Dzata” Cement

Sarkodie has joined the bandwagon in throwing his support behind businessman Ibrahim Mahama and his Dzata cement.

Ibrahim Mahama’s project of a locally produced cement has been lauded by majority of Ghanaians.

Even our politicians who never seem to agree on anything have all agreed that his endeavour is commendable.

Sarkodie is the latest celebrity to show some love towards Ibrahim Mahama and his product with others like Kwame A-plus contracted as distributors of the product.

He showed his support for “Dzata” cement by dedicating a verse from his song “rollies and cigars” in his recently released album, “No Pressure” in which he says “ya chargee s3 dzata mon forgeti GHACEM”.

For those who may not know, GHACEM is a more established cement producer in Ghana and a direct rival to Ibrahim Mahama’s Dzata cement.

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