Oswald and Family Donate #OurDay Gifts To An Orphanage (Photos)

Oswald Gennuh, the 9-year-old boy who won hearts with his Our Day request to his mother, is back in the news!

This time the little boy is not receiving gifts from Corporate Ghana, he is the one donating.

Oswald joined by his parents, has donated the gifts he received from corporate brands and individuals who were touched by his “Our Day” letter to Royal seed Orphanage at Weija, Accra.

The gifts and freebies from Corporate Ghana to Oswald received mixed reactions from the public.

Some thought it was utterly wrong for the brands to give gifts to a boy who appears to be from a rich family when others are suffering. While others said all the love Oswald was gotten was from grace and favour he’s had from God.

Check out photos of Oswald and his family donating the gifts to the orphanage home..

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