Former TV3 Broadcaster Bridget Otoo Joins Metro TV

Former TV3 broadcaster Bridget Otoo has joined Metro Television as a newscaster for the television station’s prime time news.

Otoo, who was reportedly sacked from Kanda-based TV3 in 2016, almost quit her journalism career after five years of inactivity.

Announcing the move to the rebranded TV station, the opinionated journalist wrote:

“We go again; I got a call from someone I revere months ago and I didn’t think much of it. Then another, a few weeks later, put the sheer volume of the task ahead in perspective. I had to take five to wrap my head around it but shortly after, the third time was the charm …

“I received an offer I couldn’t refuse! & now here we are at @metrotvgh my new home. They absolutely love my unique and authentic perspective and I plan to make every second of it count.

“I would like to say thank you to the Managing Director of Metro TV @kayodeAkintemi
for trusting and accepting me for who I am and Dr. Randy Abbey for the absolute belief in me. #MetroNews #NewsNight.”

Metro TV on their part wrote: “The latest member in the crew @Bridget_Otoo
Two hearts We’re glad to have you on board; looking forward to reaching higher heights with you hereConfetti ballParty popper Hundred points symbol #MetroNews #MetroTv #NewsNight.”

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