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Grace And Favour Found My Son- Oswald’s Father Responds To Critics

Father of Oswald Gennuh, the 9-year-old old who won the hearts of many with his “Our Day” request to his mother, has responded to criticisms of the gifts his son received from brands.

Oswald, a class three pupil of Christ Ambassadors School, received a lot of gifts from Corporate Ghana and high-profile personalities like Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang after his letter went viral on social media.

But many Ghanaians have expressed their disappointment with the brands for donating to someone from a rich family when they could have focused on the less privileged in the society.

Responding to the critics for the first time Oswald’s father, Mark Gennuh stated in an interview with Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba that his son only wrote a normal letter to his mother but fortunately it touched the heart of Ghanaians thanks to grace and favour on him.

“Oswald just wrote a letter to the parents. Someone will say it is just a normal letter. And yes it is a normal letter but there is something that is hidden that goes with the letter that may be people have not taken their time to understand. The grace and favour of God is behind that letter. That is what has brought the young man into limelight,” said Mr. Gennuh during the donation of the gifts to the orphanage.

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