We Did Not Vote For You To Build Church For Your ‘Sky Daddy’ – A-Plus To Akuffo Addo (Video)

Government has asked Ghanaians to contribute GHC100 monthly for the building of a national cathedral and Kwame A-Plus is having none of it.

In a video sighted by standupgh, a visible angry Kwame A-plus descends of Akuffo Addo and his government, telling him that Ghanaians did not vote for him to build church for his ‘sky daddy’.

A-Plus made some very thought provoking statements, articulating that he is not against contributing financially towards nation building but that using $200 million to build a cathedral clearly shows a government out of touch with reality.

He sighted out weak health system that needs immediate injection of capital to beef up infrastructure and other logistics and not the building of a church house.


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