I Am A Practicing Moslem And Will Soon Go To Mecca To Perfrom Hajj – Hajia4real (Video)

Hajia4real with an interview with Zionfelix answered an age long question many have been carrying with them in their hearts, Is Hajia4real a moslem? Does Hajia4real pray? Has Hajia gone to Mecca to perform Hajj.

Hajia4real gave one answer to all the questions above. YES!

Asked if she was still a moslem, a visibly irritated Hajia4real took offense in the question, asking what Zion meant by what does he mean if she is still a moslem.

She added that she is a practicing moslem who does not miss out on her five daily compulsory prayers and will soon go to Mecca to perform Hajj to finally merit her title Hajia.

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