Odartey Lamptey Physically Assaulted Me In Our Marriage- Gloria Appiah

Gloria Appiah, the ex-wife of former Ghanaian international Nii Odartey Lamptey alleged in her appeal against the ex-footballer that she was a victim of domestic violence in their marriage.

According to her, Odartey physically assaulted her a number of times which is evident by the scars on her face.

The former Ghanaian striker however rubbished the allegations by Gloria, stating that the scars on her face were marks from excessive bleaching and self-inflicted injuries.

But the court presided over by Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe, said Odartey’s claims that the scars were from years of bleaching or self-inflicted injuries did not make sense.

“Even though I have found exhibit ‘C’ coming from the Police as unreliable, I accept the petitioner’s evidence of assault committed on her by the respondent. In the respondent’s own evidence he admitted that there were scars arising out of aggression but the explanation he gave to the court was that the scars are marks from bleaching and self-inflicted injuries of the petitioner.

“It is difficult for me to accept the explanation that bleaching caused the scars and that the petitioner inflicted damage to her own skin which she has been bleaching,” the ruling by Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe stated.

Read the full text of the court ruling below…

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