Becoming A Pastor Is My Greatest Regret – Obofour

To ever think one would regret answering God’s call is blasphemous, to actually confess to answering God’s call is nigh sacrilege yet that is what Rev Obofour says.

The supposed man of God has confessed to sometimes regretting answering God’s call to ministration.

Rev Obofour also expressed that one thing that saddens his heart for choosing to do God’s work is when he sees his colleague Prophets doing the same things he does (selling miracle water and taking consultation fees) talk against him.

He added that pastors, all sent to execute one task which is win souls for Christ, do not see eye to eye in the country because one thinks the other is doing a better job than him.

He added that he would preferred he tried his hands on the numerous trades out there rather than being a pastor.

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