Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo Slams Sarkodie For His Unprofessionalism & Poor Work Ethics

Entertainment critic Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo is fed up with Sarkodie’s unprofessionalism and constant disrespect of his colleague musicians.

Arnold while addressing Sarkodie’s response on why he wasn’t present for Edem music video shoot, said the former was totally unfair and disrespect to Edem.

Sarkodie in his response stated that he doesn’t understand why Edem has taken things personal, and he often times doesn’t even pick his own mother’s calls.

But Arnold speaking on Entertainment Review show on Peace FM stated that he was disappointed in Sarkodie because he was inconsiderate to Edem.

Giving a chronology of musicians Sarkodie had disrespected—from Meiway to Yemi Alade—he said it’s high time Sarkodie change his bad habit as he is currently Ghana’s biggest musician.

He further advised Sarkodie to change his communication unit because what the the current team is doing is embarrassing.

Watch the video below…

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