Ghanaians Didn’t Appreciate Me Until Tim Westwood Appearance – Amerado

Rapper Amerado Burner says he feels Ghanaians didn’t appreciate him until his Tim Westwood appearance.

The 26-year-old received rave reviews from fans, pundits and critics following his amazing freestyle on Tim Westwood. Amerado, who performed on the show with fellow Kumerican rappers Kweku Flick and Yaw Tog, was widely ranked as the best among the three.

Speaking to TV3’s MzGee in an interview on New Day programme, Amerado said the praises and support from the public made him very emotional as he wondered why Ghanaians would wait till he appeared on Westwood before they respected his art.

“Yes, yesterday I was sending my ‘Outside’ videos to TV stations, and when we were almost home, I was in the car, and I was crying. Yes! Because I felt like, what if Ghanaians appreciated me before Tim Westwood. And what also came into my mind was, is it that Ghana didn’t respect or appreciate me more before Tim West hood? Or is it that they didn’t understand me?” he said.

“But I believe in myself that I always deliver. If I have an opportunity, I always deliver. I’m never going to disappoint Ghanaians. Because I did it on UTV, and I did it on Tim Westwood. I am ever ready to learn and work on my craft to put Ghana first and forward.”

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