Bridget Otoo Tries Her Hands At Cooking And Fails Woefully, Cries Out ‘Cooking Isn’t For Me, I Won’t Do It Again’ – Video

Growing up in an African home and society, we have been made to know that women are the home makers

They are responsible for making sure husband and children are well fed, the home is neat and incharge of all other domestic activities and the job of the man is to go out there, work and bring home some money

Now, Bridget Otoo, news presenter and employee of Metro Tv in a video sighted by Standupgh was seen trying to fry fish according to her for the first time in her life and failed spectacularly

And her resulting action, the beautiful media personality dropped her laddle declaring that cooking isn’t for her and that she won’t do it again, ever.

Quiet a shame as looking at her and how far she has come in life and her career one would have thought she is not someone who gives up so easily.

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