Obibini Attacks Ola Michael For Saying Amerado Resurrected His Dead Music Career

Ghanaian rapper, Obibini has not taken lightly to Ola Michael’s comments about his recent beef with Amerado

After the beef, Ola Michael asserted that Obibini should be grateful to Amerado as their brief tirade with each other pointed the spotlight on his non existent music career

But Obibini has taken offence to his comments and has blasted him for it

In his words,  “Those who are saying Amerado has resurrected my career because I was dead like Lazarus, how is their own career moving so far,

He added that as an artist if you’re moving forward with your career smoothly why would you look back and attack someone whose career is dead.

Obibini noted that if Amerado raised his career then he’s not satisfied hence should do more.

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