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I Believe In Jesus, Not God- Barima Sidney

Ghanaian hiplife musician Barima Sidney says he is Christian who believes in Jesus Christ but not his purported father, God.

In a rare interview with XYZ TV, the hiplife scoffed at the existence of God, stating he is the same as Jesus.

According to him, when you go to heaven, you won’t see God, Jesus and Holy Spirit there—only Jesus sitting on his throne.

“I’m a believer not Christian, I’m a true believer of Christ, everyone can be a Christian cos everyone goes to church, a believer is the one with the Holy Spirit. I don’t mention God I mention Christ Jesus … me I don’t use God the G.O.D no no I use Christ Jesus, he is my lord and personal savior that’s it.

“Which father? You see it’s the same Jesus Christ . Are you telling me that if you enter heaven now you will see three chairs , your God on one of the chairs then your Jesus and Holy Spirit ? Is that how you picturing heaven to be? It’s just one seat and it’s Christ Jesus who sits on it and he’s the Holy Spirit over there now.

“He manifest himself everytime.. first he used to deal with us directly as the father then he realized that it won’t help so he had to come as flesh .. nipa.. he came to have a feel of our flesh and to tell us all we need to know, after he left and asked the spirit to stay with us, it’s like an egg it’s one but has various parts .. They say God the father son and Holy Spirit but God in 3 person .. so he’s one.”

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