Young Man Caught In An Attempt To Kidnap 3 Year Child For Rituals – Video

A young man who tried kidnapping a three year old child has been caught by a Vigilante group in a suburb in Kumasi.

According to reports and a video going viral online, the young man claimed that he was sent by a “Big man” to bring the child so that they could sell him for rituals.

Ghana is currently in a state where a lot of youth are so hungry and desperate. This has made a lot of them resort to extreme measures to get rich at any cost.

Some have become fraudsters, others have become con artists, the women are not left out as most of them are into prostitution just to be able to survive.

Well, the young man has been handed over to the police for further investigation. Meanwhile parents are being cautioned to keep an extra eye on their kids especially since majority of them are on vacation.

Watch video below;

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