‘I’ll Never Understand Why Politicians Abandon Old Projects To Start New Ones’ – Lydia Forson

It is a common practice in Ghanaian politics for new governments to completely abandon uncompleted projects by previous governments.

And this practice is one of the reasons why the country remain stagnant—with little development—after more than 60 years after independence.

Taking to Twitter to share her views on this practice by Ghanaian governments, actress Lydia Forson stated that she can’t fathom why our leaders behave in such a backward way.

Describing the actions of our leaders as petty, the movie star added it is the cause of our woes as a country.

“I will never understand why Ghanaian leaders come into power and abandon old projects to start new ones; and when they don’t complete them before leaving power, their predecessors will do the same to their projects. Why? This petty politics is costing all of us,” she tweeted.

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