Video: “My Chains No Be Alumi” – Fameye Goes On Bragging Spree While Dragging Shatta Wale And Medikal In The Mud

From all indications, “nothing I get” crooner Fameye has finally gotten something and like the classical poor man he just cannot keep his success to himself

Fameye, who is currently in the UK recorded a video wearing a customized necklace with his name engraved on it.

The shape and blings of the chain attracted some trolls who accused the musician of wearing ‘fugazy’

To set the records straight, Fameye made another video asserting that unlike other musician who wear ‘alumi’, his chains are cold as ice and the real deal

Adding that the cost of his chain can buy an uber car for those jobless people accusing him of wearing fakes to drive and earn some money for themselves


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