Video: I Lost My Virginity At The Age Of 16 Through [email protected] – Dhat Gyal

Dhat Gyal, who was tipped to become a star after she went viral with her cover songs of classic pieces but now struggling to land feet into mainstream music has revealed for the first time how she was gang [email protected] by a group of notorious guys at the age of 16.

According to the talented singer, the ordeal took place inside a friend’s house at Accra Mile 7.

Detailing the trauma, she divulged that she visited the friend to have fun with her but to her surprise, she saw three other guys already drunk in the room with the wicked friend.

A few minutes after her arrival, the friend who invited her over left the room with the message that she’s going to take care of her little sister who is crying in the house.

Little did she know that she was set up to be [email protected]

Dhat Gyal shared this misery with the world during an interview with Delay on the Delay Show


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