It’s True That I’m A Womanizer But I’m Not Corrupt – Kofi Jumah

The Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited Maxwell Kofi Jumah has responded to the corruption allegations against him by some staff of his company.

Kofi Jumah, a former deputy minister of local government rural and development, has been accused by some workers of GIHOC of womanizing, corruption, mismanagement, age cheating among others.

Addressing the media in Kumasi, the former Mayor of Kumasi and MP for Asawasi said he has never engaged himself in any bribery and corrupt acts as some workers of GIHOC claimed.

He however admitted to allegation of womanizing, saying he was absolutely proud of it.

“Yes Maxwell Kofi Jumah, I love women. I love women and if you don’t understand, go to hell. I’m not those hypocrites. But you will never hear that me Maxwell Kofi Jumah will go somewhere to demand bribe. If you give me a gift, I will collect it and thank you. But you will never hear me say ‘give me money before I employ you’,” he said.

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