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Photos: Drake Fans Vandalize Kanye West’s Childhood Home

Drake fans took matters in their own hands and vandalized Kanye West’s childhood home.

A photo of a nasty message left at the front of the property is going viral.

The pictures of West’s home showcased posters saying, “45 44 BURNT OUT”, F*** JUSTIN LABOY,” and “CLB coming soon.”

The posters were positioned on the steps. Justin Laboy is Kanye sidekick who dropped a lot of recent news about his new album, Donda.

Some of Drake fans are not in agreement with whoever vandalized Kanye West landmark property.

Despite the two reigniting their age old beef,  Rick Ross recently revealed that it’s not as serious as reported in the media and some fans maybe taking it a bit too personal. Ross revealed that it likely a case of iron sharpening iron for the two rap titans.


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