Eating Waakye With Some Constituents Made Me Realize Things Aren’t Going Well In The Country- Afenyo-Markin

Member of parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo-Markin says he understood the youth of Ghana better after hanging out and eating waakye with them.

Addressing the NPP majority group in Parliament at a three-day workshop, Afenyo-Markin said while the NPP government has generally done well in the five years they’ve been in power, they must work on issues like unemployment and high cost of living else they will lose 2024 elections.

He said he became aware of the realities on the ground after eating waakye with some of his constituents on one Saturday morning.

“Recently, ladies and gentlemen, I sat down to have ‘Waakye’ with some ordinary citizens of our great nation. It was not planned. It was a random act on a fine Saturday morning. But, as we ate together, these citizens of our country shared the concerns agitating their minds with me.

“They spoke about the growing challenges facing their businesses; concerns about the limited job opportunities available in our country; the increasing difficulties they face trying to put food on their dinner tables,” he said.

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