Sugar Daddies And Mommies To Blame For Rise Of HIV Amongst The Youth – Ghana Aids Commission

The Ghana Aids commission have come out with a statistic which does not bode well for the country and it’s fight against HIV/AIDS

According to the commission, 20,068 Ghanaians contracted HIV in 2019 and more than a quater (28%) of these new patients are between the ages of the ages of 15 and 24

The Ghana Aids Commission has blamed the remarkable increase of the virus amongst the youth on intergenerational s*x

Intergenerational s*x here means a young woman or man having s*x with someone 10 years or older

The Aids commission has lamented that sugar daddies and mommies are to blame for the rise of the virus amongst the youth

To the young ladies and men out there, the next time to meet up with your ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ for some sugar, insist it comes in a ‘rubber’

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