Kwame Nkrumah Had Your Head Shape But He Used His For Nation Building – Kwame A-Plus Blasts Apostle Opoku Onyinah

Kwame A-Plus has gone berserk once more and this time the victim of his sharp tongue or in this case fingers is no other than man of God, Apostle Opoku Onyinah

Apostle Opoku Onyinah is a stalwart and strong advocate for the building of the National Cathedral, something Kwame A-Plus opposes vehemently citing misplaced priorities as an argument

And in his strong opposition of the building of the National Cathedral, Kwame A-Plus has descended heavily on all those pioneering its rise and that would include the Apostle himself

In a post on facebook, A-Plus referenced the man of God, saying, “It is this same head and hairstyle that Kwame Nkrumah used to build Tema Harbour, Akosombo Dam, one Region one factory, many schools, hospitals, just to mention a few. Look at you, using this nice “dansinkran” hairstyle on a nice round head to build a cathedral with an underground cemetery for your sky daddy”

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