Twitter Users Come To Aid Of Young Boy And Family Living In Poverty

The power of social media has been highlighted once more as netizens on twitter have joined forces to help a young boy who wrote a letter sharing the impoverished plight of his family

In the letter, the young boy highlighted the fact that he is the third of 5 children, his father being a trotro driver and his mother a stay-at-home mom

He shared the fact that his father has been rendered jobless after his car engine developed a fault and now even what to eat is beyond them

He therefore called on Ghanaians to come to his aid and family in their time of great need

And for sure he wasn’t disappointed as his call for help and duly heard and netizens quickly rallied behind the young chap, putting together a sizeable donation of GHC900 to be given to the 10 year old and his family

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