I haven’t Done Cosmetic Surgery, I Inherited My Butt From My Mom- Florence Obinim

Florence Obinim’s appearance at Rev. Obofour’s wife birthday party sparked speculations that may have gone under the knife to enhance her body.

The wife of Rev. Obinim looked incredibly voluptuous than ever, making many believe she may have done liposuction to make her a$$ bigger and waist tinier.

But the “Osoro Nnye Me Fie” singer has come out to deny the allegations, stating that she inherited her curvaceous body from her mother.

She said her mother even had problems with her knees because of her big buttock.

“I took after my mother and so people who know her and know me will not be shocked by my current shape. I vowed not to have a big tummy after making my babies so I exercise consistently,” she said in an interview with NSHI TV.

Watch the interview below…

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