My Ex-Wife Is Living A Fake Life And A Big Liar – Ras Mubarak Finally Addresses Rasheeda Adams

The saga between former lawmaker Ras Mubarak and his ex-wife Rasheeda Adams is never ending and has now reached boiling point

Ras Mubarak has always been tight lipped about his comments concerning his ex-wife and their kids but he has finally had enough and has come out barking

Calling Rasheeda Adams a phony woman who lives a fake life

He current displeasure has to do with his ex continuously changing their kid’s schools and making sure each school charges higher than the previous some Ras is not able to keep up with since he earns an honest living and not ready to live a fake life to please anyone

A lot was revealed in his write-up and we will allow you to digest fully the contents of his displeasure.

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