Attention Seeker, Ayisha Modi Promises To Pay Psalm Adjetefio’s Rent Till He Dies

Another day, another attention-seeking stunt from socialite Ayisha Modi.

Following the tragic viral video of legendary actor Psalm Adjetefio begging for 3,000 cedis to pay his rent, Modi has offered to pay for his rent the rest of his life.

Modi, who is widely for her benevolence, commented under blogger GhHyper’s post that she is willing to come to the aid of the veteran actor.

“Daddy, I am coming. Worry no more about rent for the rest of your life. @Kenzyofficialgh Blood, do something, please,” she wrote.

Well…. We hope she was genuinely touched to help him and not just another attention-seeking stunt for clout.

Meanwhile, in related news, Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has donated a sum of 50,000 cedis to Psalm Adjetefio.

The vice president, who lost his mother this morning, paid 6 months renewable for the next 5 years (30,000 cedis) and has also given the ailing actor 20,000 cedis for upkeep.

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