3Music Awards CEO, Sadik Threatens To Drag Shatta Wale To Court Over Defamation

The rift between 3Music Award CEO Sadik and Shatta Wale is allegedly beyond repair as the CEO has threaten to drag Shatta Wale by the scruff of the neck to court to answer for the lies peddled against him

Shatta Wale earlier revealed the CEO of 3Music Awards Sadik Adbulai Abu told him that he would give him 11 awards to spite other artists.

Shatta Wale said Sadik made this revelation in front of Leslie, the owner of Fantasy Dome.

It is at the back of this wild claims by Shatt Wale that Sadik has threaten to drag him to court

According to Sadik, he has never met or dealt with Shatta Wale in person in terms of his awards.

He added that the board of the award has put in measures to take on Shatta Wale to provide tangible evidence to back his claims that the CEO promised him some awards.

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