You’re Hating On Me Because I Declined Your Interview Request –Tracey Boakye Replies Delay

Actress Tracey Boakye has hit back at Deloris Frimpong-Manso aka “Delay” after she threw shade at her on her TV show.

The Delay Show host in her intro labeled Tracey as a “borla bird”, who despite teaming up with Hawks, doves and owls are afraid to come near her.

“I’m the real deal. The real eagle. No bird is mightier than me. Hawks, doves, owls, bola bird are all waiting on me. They all bow to me. As for fowls and chickens, they dare not come close to me because it will be catastrophic,” she stated in her vim intro.

But according to Tracey Boakye, “Delay” has started throwing subliminals at her because she declined her interview request.

She however added that despite the temptation from “Delay”, she won’t go on Facebook or Instagram live to address the issue.

“When we refuse to go for their interviews, they start to hate. I’m still not talking for one year,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

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