Cristiano Ronaldo Scammed Out Of $340,000 By Travel Agent

A travel agent who conned Cristiano Ronaldo out of close to $340,000 and scammed his agent and ex-Manchester United teammate Mani has been handed a four-year suspended prison term.

Maria Silva, 53, was sentenced in a ruling in Porto following a scheme that also cheated super-agent Jorge Mendes out of more than $19,000 and embezzled more than $2,000 from Nani, according to a report.

Ronaldo was spared having to attend Silva’s trial after she made a full statement confessing to her crimes, although the five-time Ballon d’Or winner did provide his own statement with his lawyer Carlos Osorio de Castro.

The outlet detailed how greedy Silva abused the trust Ronaldo placed in her when he provided his credit card details and PIN code.

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