French Gaming Startup Sorare Valued At $4.3 Billion

French gaming startup Sorare, which offers users the chance to collect and trade virtual football stickers, said Tuesday it had raised a record $680 million from investors, valuing the group at $4.3 billion.

The amount of money raised in a single private fundraising round beat previous records and makes the three-year-old group the most valuable startup in France.

“Our ambition is to be the first group focused on sports entertainment,” co-founder Nicolas Julia told AFP.

“This money will enable us to focus on our product before a possible IPO in the next few years,” he added. 

The Sorare game, which uses blockchain technology, enables users to buy and sell images of football players whose value fluctuates according to their performances on the pitch.

The game is a mix of old-fashioned football sticker collecting, online football manager games, and stock market trading.

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