Sudan Ex-President Omar Al-Bashir Accused Of Failed Coup

Sudanese authorities have thwarted an attempted military coup by soldiers supporting the jailed former president Omar Al-Bashir and arrested all those involved.

The country’s ruling council and military remain in control of the fragile nation after bridges, ports and roads were blocked by the rebels who also tried to seize a building housing the state media and the military headquarters. 

The attempted uprising comes more than two years after the military’s overthrow of longtime Islamist autocrat Al-Bashir amid a public backlash against his three-decade rule.

Authorities accused the loyalists of the ousted president of trying to reverse the revolution that removed him from power in 2019 and ushered in a transition to democracy. 

Sudan’s state-run television called on the public ‘to counter’ the coup attempt but did not provide further details.

‘All is under control. The revolution is victorious,’ Mohammed al-Fiky Suliman, a member of the ruling military-civilian council, wrote on Facebook. He also called on the Sudanese to protect the transition.

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