Archipalago Is A Mortuary Man In The US- Says Netizens

Failed Ghanaian musician turned social commentator, Archipalago is currently being trolled on social media as netizens ridicule him for being a mortuary man in the states.

The controversial vlogger, who claims to be a health assistant in the US, posted a lovely photo of him in a uniform on Tuesday, thinking he will get some positive comments from Ghanaians but it appears he has stepped on way too many toes for people to appreciate his hustle.

The photo was met with a hostile response, with many people doubting that he is a health practitioner in the States.

Many believe like the majority of Ghanaians in Europe and America, Archipalago is also doing a menial job but comes on social media to brag.

From the comments on the post, the people think the former Uber driver is a mortuary man or cleaner at the hospital..

Click the post below to read some of the funny comments…

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